Keeping an Eye on the 4 Cats Art Studio in Edmonton

I love a heartwarming family-based story and how parents create something amazing from a place of love. Take, for example, the 4Cats Art Studio. Firstly, 4Cats has nothing to do with cats but is an homage to a cafe in Barcelona where artists and poets used to meet up. The original studio was developed by two artistic parents who wanted to share their love for art and creativity with their firstborn child. As with all good grassroots stories go, slowly by slowly, the original location branched out to multiple locations across Canada, and even in Australia. Locally, there are two locations within Edmonton (Summerside and Fort Road), and one in St. Albert.

Naturally, the way I found the art studio is because I was looking for creative classes for Elle, and the 4Cats Art Studio offers a variety of options for children: workshops, courses, and even workshops. I’m checking out the website now, and there’s a colorful glittery unicorn banner showcasing their upcoming workshop, “Glitter Bash Workshop”. Fun!!

However, for my purposes, with Baby Elle just turning two years old, many of the classes (and workshops at this time) are offered for five year olds and older.

So what do you do if you have a child younger than five years old? The 4Cats Art Studio offers parent and tot based classes for under five year olds, called Kitten Courses. And I’ll be keeping an eye on these classes and upcoming enrollment options.

And if Elle likes the 4Cats Studio, I’ll take a look at the Exploratory Perks program – a rewards program that offers discounts on future classes.

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