5 Things to do in Edmonton with Toddlers: Classes and Lessons

It’s funny how when you become a parent, the benchmarks change. When I was a kid, I knew Fall was around the corner when Staples ads marking “the most wonderful time of the year” began playing nonstop between The Simpsons episodes. Now, though, I can feel the crisp season creeping up because we have to put Elle’s water table away slightly earlier each week and her watermelon is more of a nuisance with the seeds than a refreshing snack!

With the change of seasons around the corner, I have started researching toddler classes and lessons in Edmonton. Still too young for playschool (a step this dad will most definitely cry at!), I am hoping to enroll her in some fun Fall activities that will help her burn off some energy, make friends, and explore her interests. From toddler gymnastics to toddler swimming lessons, here are the classes and lessons I will be looking at enrolling Elle in this Fall:

Looking for some fun Family Activities in Edmonton? Try These Classes and Lessons:

Dance Lessons: J’Adore Dance

J’Adore Dance offers parented programs such as Twirling Tots and Terrific Tykes that allow toddlers to explore movement concepts along with creative dance, imagination and expression. Add in music, props and rhythm instruments? I’m not sure Elle will ever want to leave!

Image Credit: J’Adore Dance Facebook

Gymnastics: Little Gym

With a propriety (and appealing!) three-dimensional philosophy around learning, The Little Gym offers mat, bar and beam courses for all ages, including parented classes. Three-dimensional learning means that every class fosters growth in movement (flexibility, strength, balance), brain coordination (concentration, decision-making) and social skills (teamwork, cooperation, leadership).

Enjoy some more of these Toddler Activities Around Town

Martial Arts: Hayabusa Training Centre

Despite her big personality, Elle’s stature is tiny. As a responsible parent, I want to equip my kid with all the tools she might need in the real world, and a martial arts/self-defence practice is non-negotiable for me. That’s why I will be enrolling my little ninja into Hayabusa’s classes so that she can learn:  agility, balance, coordination and respect.

Small is strong, right?

Image Credit: Hayabusa Training Centre

Swimming: Paul Sadler Swimland

Swimland is an Australian brand that offers reputable baby and toddler swimming lessons. Swimming is said to help children achieve developmental milestones earlier than the average child, and with mobility and safety at the core, Elle has loved being in the pool and poolside since she was young. Recreational swimming is currently our favorite Sunday AM activity (before we make blueberry pancakes together), so I’m confident she will adore structured lessons to help her race me in the pool.

These Art Projects to do with 2 Year Olds are Always Fun:

Art: Creation Space

Creation Space has landed on my list previously as a place to create awesome projects and crafts but the studio also offers scheduled classes and lessons. This is the perfect place for Elle to explore her artistic inclination, which she already displays through her love for colouring and painting. If you could see the paint spots on my floor, you’d know why this is the perfect place for her!

Image Credit: @creationspaceyeg Instagram

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