5 Things to do in Edmonton with Toddlers: Stay Indoors

My earliest childhood memories of Edmonton summers include vibrant sunshine, +30°C temperatures, and the justification for a slurpee on any given day (Coke only, none of this mixing Coke and Sprite business). But this summer has seemed like an anomaly. One moment it’s sort of sunny, sort of warm, the next moment it’s sort of cloudy, sort of a thunderstorm.

What to do With Kids This Weekend

Because of this inconsistent climate, and since I try to incorporate educational yet enjoyable activities into Elle’s schedule, I have a list of 5 things to do in Edmonton with toddlers outdoors and a list of 5 things to do in Edmonton with a toddler indoors, while still perfect for the summer:

Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market

Not only does Elle love butterflies, but she is a social butterfly herself. She thrives when she is interacting (sometimes flirting) with others, so it’s no wonder that the iconic indoor Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market is one of our fave activities. Once we are there, I’m sure she feels like it’s her duty to try every fruit at every stall, take in all the colours and sounds around her, and examine every homemade art/craft she can gain access to at a solid two-feet tall. The best part of the morning is when the skies clear up and we can do the short walk to Block 1912 for a daddy-daughter hot chocolate date!

TELUS World of Science Edmonton

The space and science centre of my childhood, the TELUS World of Science Edmonton offers a full day of activities for Elle and I. Featuring five interactive and fascinating galleries, toddlers above the age of 2 are bound to have a great time. The best part of any day at the TELUS World of Science is when Elle wears her 3-D glasses in the IMAX Theatre and truly believes she has become friends with the animals she sees on the screen!

Looking for More Places to Take Young Children? Try these…

Art Gallery of Alberta

Just seeing the exterior of the Art Gallery of Alberta is a delight. Curved windows and breathtaking pyramids combined with steel and zinc usually lead Elle to calling this building a castle. Housed in the “castle” are large and small art installations that can allow us to get lost for hours. This summer, the AGA is also hosting the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for mini-concerts which we are going to try to attend as much as possible.

Image Credit: Art Gallery of Alberta

Royal Alberta Museum

One of Canada’s leading museums of human and natural history, the Royal Alberta Museum collects, preserves, researches, interprets and exhibits specimens and objects related to the heritage of Alberta’s people and our natural environment. From minerals to animals to artifacts, no matter Elle’s mood, we can find something that fascinates her.

Image Credit: Royal Alberta Museum Facebook

Alberta Aviation Museum

My little traveller loves the Alberta Aviation Museum. Offering the chance to discover more than 30 historical aircrafts, each staged in a very unique and exciting way, an aircraft restoration area, personal artifacts of the pilots and a really cute gift shop, we can easily spend the day looking at the details and taking photos.

Image Credit: Alberta Aviation Museum Facebook

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