5 Things to do in Edmonton with Toddlers: Explore the Outdoors

Anyone who encounters Elle is always surprised when I tell them that she was born in the winter. I’m pretty sure she thinks that the wind (by wind, I mean even a warm breeze) is kryptonite. Now that summer in Edmonton is in full-swing, I’m determined to make it as enjoyable, and simultaneously educational, for her as I can. In a few months, my little bear will go back to her usual hibernation mode and I’ll have to start knocking off my list of indoor activities or enrol her in a wide variety of lessons!

Here’s my short-list of the top 5 things to do in Edmonton with toddlers, while exploring the warm outdoors. It helps that these are some of my favorite places, so planning these day activities will be as much fun for me, as they will be for her!

Looking for Ideas for Fun Outdoor Family Activities in Edmonton

Not sure what to do with the kids this weekend? If you try any of these, give me a shout and let me know how it went!

What to do with Kids this Weekend:

University of Alberta Botanic Garden

Formerly the Devonian Botanic Garden, the U of A Botanic Garden is an award-winning attraction full of nature, forest paths, still pools, fruit orchards and butterflies. Basically, all of Elle’s favorite things, in one place.

Image Credit: UOA Botanic Garden

Edmonton Valley Zoo

Located in the Edmonton River Valley, the Edmonton Valley Zoo contains more than 350 animals and has a prominent focus on conservation and environmental responsibility. Both are topics I know will be important for Elle’s generation, and I cannot wait to hear what she thinks about them once she grows up. Most likely, I will adopt a Tomato Frog for her when we visit.

Fort Edmonton Park

Literally my favorite place as a child, I cannot wait to bring Elle to Fort Edmonton Park. A throwback to the 1800 Fur Trade Era in Edmonton, I already know she will love the costumes, old buildings and train. The park is closed until 2021, so this will have to be a one-year plan, but there’s no list of outdoor activities with my name on it that doesn’t include FEP!

Image Credit: Fort Edmonton Park Facebook

Edmonton Corn Maze

Elle’s favorite games tend to be more on the cerebral side, so I’m confident that a large maze would be right up her alley! This year’s maze is a tribute to Dr. Patchup from the Stollery Hospital and supporting/fundraising this cause is the icing on the cake to this wonderful activity. I don’t usually respond well to people telling me to “Get Lost!”, but I’ll make an exception this time!

If you aren’t keen on visiting Corn Maze, you can read about other Corn Maze Adventures around Alberta here (link to post: https://edmontonparent.com/corn-maze-alberta/#more-588)

Happy Acres U-Pick Berry Farm

Prior to having a daughter, I never would have imagined I would be so keen to go to a berry picking farm. But having discovered the large communities of “U Pick” farms within driving distance from Edmonton this has now become our favorite activity to do. Each visit is like a new experience, with different crops and different activities going on. Elle (touch wood) has not yet gotten bored of it either!

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