5 Things to do in Edmonton with Toddlers: Projects and Crafts

At 2 years old, Elle is an aspiring artist, baker, hairstylist, doctor, optometrist and yogi. Dynamic, curious and very hands on, she and I can spend the day looking at things (read about our fave outdoor activities here, and indoor activities here) but we can also easily spend the day doing crafts or projects. What I love about doing crafts with her is that we have an output; which make for the perfect addition to the time capsule I am secretly creating for her.

Looking for some Fun Toddler Activities in Edmonton:

I am always in the market for projects to do with 2-year-olds and have an ongoing list of options on hand including:

Pottery painting at Clay & Cupcakes

Whether we choose to attend an event (ie: Toddler Tuesday) or simply drop in to pick a blank canvas piece of pottery from the shelves of this locally owned studio, Elle loves both, clay decorating and cupcakes. This project is seriously turnkey as they provide the materials, space and glazing. Homemade gifts make the best gifts, so I’m pretty sure everyone will be getting versions of Elle’s handprints for the next few years!

Image Credit: Clay & Cupcakes Facebook

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Every single step of the Build-A-Bear Workshop is magical to Elle; and if I’m being honest, to me as well. With endless options of furry friends to select from, clothes to dress them in, sounds that they can make, and even add-on accessories (a pink flamingo pool float?! YES PLEASE!), every type of possible stuffed animal personality can be created in a matter of hours. The store offers an online builder, but it’s a much more magical experience in-store.

Image Credit: Elle’s dad

More Family Activities We Like to Do in Edmonton

Abstract painting at Creation Space

Operated by Alison, an art educator and artist herself, the Creation Space offers a wide range of classes and open studio space/workshops for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults. An advocate for exploration and creativity, Alie’s teaching philosophy is centered around “process art” which encourages higher level critical thinking skills. Elle loves this approach, as she loves working through her vision without being told how it “should” be. If the girl says she is drawing a loon, she is drawing a loon!

Image Credit: @creationspaceyeg Instagram

Gardening workshops at Salisbury Greenhouse

As an aspiring green thumb, this summer I purchased Elle and I a small gardening box to place in the backyard. She loves playing in the dirt and the small watering can I bought her pretty much doubles as her purse. I love the idea of homegrown veggies and herbs, so this project is a very zen win-win. That’s why we spend a tonne of time at the Salisbury Greenhouse, attending workshops and classes about tomatoes, kale, lettuce and other fun veggies, and then bring our knowledge home and spending hours together playing in the dirt…. Err, I mean… gardening.

Image Credit: Salisbury Greenhouse Facebook

Projects to do with a 2 Year Old In and Around Town

DIY pizza nights (or other lessons!) offered by the PC Cooking School

With a mini kitchen of her own, Elle loves being in the kitchen. Once a week, we have a DIY pizza night together where we make healthy versions of our favorite dinner food. I pick up a wide variety of veggies and additions for her to choose from, and every week she creates her own concoction based on her (literal) flavour of the week.

On the nights where we want to be creative, but aren’t necessarily feeling pizza, I often refer to PC’s cooking school events which are run by expert chefs, and offer recipes for all levels.

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