Foster Your Child’s Inner da Vinci: Youth Art Classes in Edmonton

Elle’s guide to Painting Classes for Kids

Aside from being caring, gentle and social (almost to the point of flirty!), two of Elle’s personality traits that I adore the most are how she expresses her creativity and how she explores her curiosity. There’s never a day that goes by where she’s not fascinated by even the most mundane tasks, like how to fold the laundry in fun, neat and tidy shapes.

It also happens to be true that she LOVES… and I mean L-O-V-E-S.. to color and draw. Stick figures don’t stand a chance when compared to the circles my daughter brings to the easel!

In an effort to foster these traits, in a way she’s sure to love, I wanted to find and enroll Elle in some art classes just in time for Fall.

In weighing my options, not only was I looking for art classes for kids in Edmonton, I was also looking to better understand the types of classes that existed, and what types of commitments were required from a timing and cadence perspective. Here’s what I found:

There are different types of Painting Workshops for Kids:

Types of Art Classes:

  • Painting including pastel, watercolor pencil, watercolor paint, acrylic: These classes tend to include preliminary drawing techniques, and then use various paint mediums to bring the masterpiece to life.
  • Drawing: Focused solely on kids’ drawing skills, these lessons usually involve more details about perspective, 3-D shapes, and how to create forms and figures on paper.
  • Sculpture and Kids Pottery: Way more hands-on (literally), where clay or soapstone is molded and carved. It can then be painted once complete.

Art Class Commitments:

  • Open Studio: An open studio is where you book your child in for hour slots at a time. During the Open Studio time, creative stations are set up with materials and activities, but no guidance. Think of it like a choose your own adventure with the prep work done!
  • Workshops: Art workshops are longer sessions booked in one sitting. Each workshop has a goal or a purpose and at the end of the workshop, your child has a finished product to take away as a memory/fridge décor.
  • Registered Classes for Kids: Time lengths vary, but these are traditional art classes slotted at a specific time each week for 6-10 weeks depending on the course selected. These can be private, semi-private, or group lessons.
  • Art Camps: Literally for the little Picasso’s of the world, art camps run for 3-5 hours a day, multiple days in a row. At the end, your child will probably have learned a new art skill, and gotten a taste for independence!

But if you are looking for a Kids Art Studio in Edmonton:

Kids Art Studios in Edmonton:

Based on my research, I think Elle would enjoy either the open studio or traditional art class options. Either-or would definitely have to involve colors and paint!

Here’s the shortlist of art studios for kids in Edmonton that I will be contacting for more info. I will also be ensuring that I understand how they are adhering to and maintaining social distancing as set out by Alberta Health guidelines.

Featured Image Credit: Little Hive Facebook

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