How Babies Sleep in Boxes in Alberta (Baby Box is available in Alberta)

[Note: After updating this blog post, I started getting a few comments that the Baby Box is now defunct. And indeed! I’m just checking the Baby Box Company (previously, Baby Box University), and the boxes are no longer available at this time. But you can still take advantage of the online parenting courses available on the site]

I’m going to be honest, the idea of a baby sleeping in a box is a little dark. However, it’s been a very successful program in Finland where families have been provided fit-for-baby boxes to sleep in. Well, the baby box program is now available in Alberta and has been since 2016. The baby box includes a mattress, waterproof cover, cotton for the sheet, and a few other babies essentials in it.

While Elle is already two years old and sleeping in a crib at this time, I found the baby box program intriguing. Within three months after launch, the baby box program has already fulfilled 7,000 boxes to paid subscribers in Alberta. The program also provides many essentials that new parents would find helpful, as well as encourages a mentorship support system to help new moms during postpartum.

How do you get a baby box? Simple. Hop to the Baby Box University and register as an Alberta based resident. There, you will need to complete a certificate after following a syllabus and completing some online training. Finally, go and collect the box from a distribution center, like at Jasper Place Child and Family Research Center or the West Edmonton Parent Link. 

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