Hot Finds with Baby Friendly Coffee Shops in Edmonton

At two and a half years old, Elle has all the makings of a perfect coffee companion. She has a great sense of humor, loves telling stories, asks intelligent questions, and is very aware of others’ feelings. If you look or feel sad, there’s a pretty good chance she will ask you if you “want to talk about it?”

Her grandfather, grandmother, aunt and I all consider coffee-drinking a hobby turned art, and it is our favourite way to spend time together. Some of the most insightful, most challenging conversations and revelations have happened over coffee in our family.

So, it’s no surprise that Elle has discovered a love for steamy hot chocolates with marshmallows, while I indulge in the adult version, a solid mocha, from time-to-time. When we go to a coffee shop, not only are we looking for the best coffee shops in Edmonton, but we are also looking for ones that have highchairs, change tables, stroller-accessible entry and overall, comfortable seating.

Image Credit: The Nook Cafe Facebook

List of Elle’s Best Coffee Shops in Edmonton:

Here are some of our favorite baby friendly coffee shops in Edmonton:

Sweet Pea Cafe

Nourishing and simply brilliant is the only way to describe this cafe. Not only do they offer artisanal coffees, their menu is stacked with plant-based food options that make for the perfect snack or meal, using sustainable ingredients where possible. Beside the cafe is a playhouse area boasting mini-homes for toddlers and kids to use their imaginations in and discover.

Image Credit: Sweet Pea Cafe Facebook

The Nook Cafe

In toddler world, I’m not sure there is anything better than enjoying a yummy hot chocolate while sitting in a big, yellow, comfy armchair? This, along with a small, non-invasive play area in the heart of the cafe make it one of Elle’s favorite places to hang. The bathroom for all sexes is set-up with a change table, which makes it easy for me as a dad.

Cafe O’Play

This cafe is world-renowned… at least in the Edmonton area! Complete with an indoor playground, Cafe O’Play is exactly what the name describes: grab a coffee, watch your child play, and simply enjoy! Well-thought out and executed, the cafe has stroller parking, change tables and highchairs. Helpful tip: don’t forget to bring extra socks with you!

The Little Brick Cafe and General Store

A coffee shop nestled in a brick house that is both trendy and relaxed all at once, is 100% our kind of vibe! The Little Brick proudly supports local forms, and we proudly support local, so it’s a perfect fit. Their rotating selection of coffee beans from roasters on the west coast are carefully selected and provide just the right amount of variation, visit-to-visit. Elle also loves their grilled cheese with melty provolone and ricotta cheese.

If you have any baby friendly coffee shops in Edmonton to suggest, please send them my way! Elle can tell me where they rank on her list of faves once we try them!

Featured Image Credit: @littlebrickyeg Instagram

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