A little exploration into the Creation Space in Edmonton

I recently surprised Elle with a toddler-sized easel for all her painting, colouring artful creations. But I can’t take full credit for the easel – I got the idea from the Creation Space’s homepage. (Take a look at home much fun those kids are having!)

Are you looking for Youth Art Classes in Edmonton?

The Creation Space Studio in Edmonton is owned and operated by Alison. And Alison knows her stuff: her art instruction background is cultivated from her time with the Art Gallery of Alberta, writing creativity plans for daycares, and her leadership with instructing art classes.  

I like good Edmonton-based options for Painting Workshops for Kids 

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I love that Alison dedicates an entire section of her website to the philosophy behind Creation Space, about curating the art and creative exploration within children. What captured my attention was the diverse nature of the classes offered from sculpturing to print-making, to the artful creation classes to textures (her extensive Instagram profile shows kids having fun with flowers or beads). But you have to act quickly because many of these classes and workshops fill up pretty quickly.

However, with that being said, as I write this, many of the classes are offered during the weekdays. Just between working a day job and regular weekday routines mean that I’m more included for weekend classes or workshops, which aren’t too many options offered at this time. 

And if a drop-in style of class works better for you and your little one, then Alison does offer a Thursday morning Open Studio where you can hang out anytime between 9:30 to 11:30, and your little gal (or guy, or both) are free to roam and create with all the materials provided.  

Looking for a good Slime Birthday Party for your child?

From slime to potions to art play, Creation Space Studio offers a variety of birthday party ideas for children.

Circling back to the studio’s Instagram page, I love the general feel of this place and the creative mediums available for the kids to explore. I may have swiped the easel idea from Creaton Space for my home, but I think I may bring Elle to come and check out this place for herself.  

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