The What, Where and When of Donating Baby Items in Edmonton

I am discovering first-hand how quickly the items I have for Elle are outgrown. I am grateful and humbled that I am in a position to receive “like-new” items from friends whose own children no longer require them, and that I am in a position to buy the new items Elle requires. But, it does seem that on a weekly (if not daily!) basis, her favorite clothes no longer fit, she can drink from a cup with two hands (bye, bye, turquoise sippy cup!)  and she would rather push her stroller than be in it.

In Edmonton, there are tonnes of people and young families who could use these barely-used baby items. And I’m nothing less than delighted to be able to donate these items to good homes. So, I am also discovering how second-hand donations play an impactful role when it comes to the unused, space-consuming, sometimes expensive items that no longer need a place in our life, or my condo!

Looking for Where to Donate Kid’s Clothes? Start here…

What to Donate: Experts have opinions on what items can be shared, what items should be kept, and what items should be tossed. Here are the items I have donated in accordance with their advice:

  • Baby clothes, including PJs
  • Toys
  • Gently used baby furniture including car seats, cribs, play pens and strollers
  • Baby food and formula, so long as it is not expired!
  • Baby bottles
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Baby toiletries
  • Bedding
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Books

Some Great Children-Based Organizations to Give Your Baby Stuff:

Where to Donate: From children’s charities to shelters, there are many kind-hearted people and organizations trying to make an impact in our community. Here are the ones I have, or will consider, donating to:

  • Basically Babies: Basically Babies provides basic need packages to the families of newborn children who are in extreme need in the Edmonton and Calgary areas.
  • Terra Centre : Assisting with support, information, and baby items, the Terra Centre empowers teen parents to succeed. Which ultimately assists their babies too.
  • Bissell Centre :  On a mission to see a community without poverty, the Bissell Centre assists low-income families with information, resources and items. An incredible 2100 children and adults access clothing free of charge each year, thanks to the Bissell’s Community Closet.
  • Win House Women’s Shelter : Many women and mothers are forced to leave their houses, for a myriad of reasons, with nothing but the clothes on their and their children’s back. Win House offers shelter to these women and their children, as well as donated items to help them get back on their feet in a non-violent environment.
  • Kids Kottage: The Kottage offers support for parents and children who experience a family crisis. Their main goal is to offer support and resources to strengthen a family while preventing them from falling further into crisis.

Today, you can donate unused toys to children in need.

When to Donate: Depending on which organization you decide to donate to, their website may provide a wish list of items they are looking for urgently. This can help to decide when and where to donate the items you have on-hand. Seasonal items are also considered, like winter jackets for the colder months. Also, be sure to check each organizations’ website for their specific drop-off times, and if they are hosting any donation drives.

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