Finding the Easter Bunny (and Photographs) in Edmonton

It’s funny how parents think in terms of fashion seasons. With winter in full swing, we are already starting to think about springtime activity registrations. And every so often, we get a big event that we have tackle, like Christmas or Halloween. Or Easter. And this is one event, where I have to keep my game face on, because Easter on Sunday, April 12, will sneak up on me pretty quick. Elle is a little too young to care, but she loves bunnies, so Easter will probably be a vital tradition as she gets older. And besides, what’s not to love? Candy and bunnies? Easter is like Halloween’s cheery and colourful cousin.

As I’m doing a quick search for Easter Bunny photos in Edmonton, the options are plenty. All the major shopping centers offer Easter Bunny picture opportunities. As the date gets closer, the schedules may differ, but for now, I’m just plugging in some of these dates into my phone to remind myself to see if online spots can be reserved to avoid waiting for hours in shopping mall lines – because how much fun is that?

But check the websites to see a time slot that works for you.

West Edmonton Mall – March 16-April 2
Typically found on the main floor by the Bay.

Mill Woods Town Centre – March 24-March 31
Londonderry Mall – March 24-March 31
Kingsway Mall – March 24-March 31
Bonnie Doon Centre – March 23-March 31
Sherwood Park Mall – March 24-March 31
St. Albert Centre – March 24-March 31

I have had good experiences having private photographers handle special occasions, and some photographers may have their setup ready for Easter Bunny photo-ops. I think as Easter gets closer, I will be doing a little research to see if there are photographers who have Easter-ready backdrops for photographs, as waiting in line ups at shopping malls does give me nightmares 🙂

By the way, real bunnies for photos? Great idea, guys at Sherwood Flooring. Fun name too, “Some Bunny Loves You.”

Another hidden gem is that Fort Edmonton Park had Easter Bunny festivities in the past. The event may be discontinued, as their calendar doesn’t highlight any Easter activities. But I’ve emailed the Park and will update if there is any good news for Easter 2020. Fingers crossed!

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