Our future Edmonton Perennial Mini-Garden is about to Bloom

Besides temperatures starting to rise and days getting longer, another hint that spring is around the corner is the slight smell of snow mould in the air. I had an ambitious plan to start a mini garden where Elle can learn responsibility and taking care of flowers. As I congratulated and thought to myself, “Wow, I’m a top-notch dad, [then I gave myself a high-five] I am even congratulating myself on coming up with such an amazing idea.” But then, reality kicked in, how do I even start a garden? Do I even know how to take care of a plant? Evidence shows, no, I do not. These IKEA plants are beginning to wilt. Wait, aren’t these artificial?

Then I thought to myself, “Time to step my game up, dad. It’s for the kid, anyway.” And then, I turned on the monitor and started scouring the net for information on perennials – how to grow em’ and, more importantly, how to make them not die.

What attracted me to perennials, in general, is that they grow year over year. Taking out a scratch pad, I started writing down a few of the popular breeds, including the Annabelle Hydrangeas, Bleeding Heart, Columbine, Allium and Milkweed. Then stumbling through some greenhouse sites, I found some more, including the Lupines, Lilies, Monarda Bee Balm and Bearded Irises.

What the heck is Zone 3?

Five minutes ago, I though Zone 3 was in regards to city election districts. But no, the zone system is a way to classify a climate condition. Edmonton is within Zone 3. Plants that will thrive in this climate are perennials that are Zones 1, 2 or 3.

Hide that where the Sun Don’t Shine

Next, I wanted to break down which plants thrive in the sun or the shade. Recently moving into an apartment facing north, I find the balcony (the future home of our mini garden) gets limited sun exposure, so Elle may have to choose amongst shade-thriving perennials.

Now we have to just find a greenhouse in South Edmonton to learn more information and buy plants in preparation for springtime.

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