Photographers in Edmonton I’ll be Contacting for Daddy-Daughter Portraits, Just in Time for Father’s Day

FOMO. Up until this weekend, I seriously thought FOMO was reserved for teens with restrictive curfews, or the kinds of people who watch every Housewives series ever made (no judgement!). Who knew that a 2-year-old could feel it too?!?! This weekend, however, FOMO is exactly what Elle expressed.

On Sunday, I took Elle for a COVID-mindful visit with her grandparents, my parents. Perhaps it was because she has grown a little taller in the past week (her ponytail now bounces above the kitchen counter), or perhaps it was simply due to her insane attention to detail, but in her rain-induced, house-bound adventures, she stumbled upon a family portrait on a high shelf, which was taken circa 1998. Upon analyzing it, she had a very simple, very pertinent question: Where was she in this photo?

It was in that moment that I decided: rather than explaining mental math to her and how her birthdate was 2017 versus the fact that this photo was taken before the 2000’s even began, that I would, instead, start researching family photographers in Edmonton. As this is my first Father’s Day as a single dad, I also felt that this would be a cute way to celebrate together.

As someone who considers “suiting up” as wearing my camouflage G-Star RAW jacket with my Wayfarers, my search has centered around lifestyle photographers instead of family photographers. The distinction to me? Although the sun setting in the ravine with matching outfits is awesome for some, it simply has no appeal to me. I would much rather a photographer who is confident in his or her styling, is a little edgy/out-of-the-box, and can make Elle and I feel comfortable enough to really be ourselves. To me, the less posing, the better.

Here are the top 3 lifestyle photographers in Edmonton based on my search and my criteria, along with a few pictures taken from each one’s IG or website portfolio.

If you have any recommendations, please feel free to send them my way!

Vitality Images Photography

This photographer is my first choice, and will be the first one I contact to better understand rates and package options. Her name is Chelsea Jones, and her portfolio shows tasteful, creative images that are off-the-beaten path. The kids in her portfolio look at ease, and I love how playful the images look.


Etoroma Creative

This husband and wife duo seem passionate about photography, videography, and music… All three of which appeal to me! Their aesthetic comes across as somewhat lifestyle meets editorial, with just the right amount of conservative edge.

I would be interested in knowing what kinds of videography options and packages exist, and if there is anything creative they can think of doing for our shoot. Elle and I love to have dance parties and I think this would be a unique memory to consider.


Shelby Deep Photography

Shelby’s portfolio seems like a mix of editorial and almost fashion-y photos, but there’s something about each one that seems to capture the model’s personality. When it came to the photos with kids, their personalities came through very easily and she seems well-versed in photographing all different ages. This will be great as I would love to get some shots of Elle with my parents as well!


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