My Review of Free Baby Programs in Edmonton

But what if you are looking for some free baby programs around Edmonton? Are there any good options available. Through my research, the answer is, “YES!”

Heard of the Family Futures Resource Network in Edmonton?

My first gold mine was the Family Futures Resource Network. Up till now, I had never heard of this resource for parents. Spending time online and speaking with folks who work at the centre, I’m glad to have found this place.

Also, there are many locations available if your family lives in central to south Edmonton (or at least south of the high-level bridge).

Family Futures is primarily government-funded, with many of the baby-focused workshops (through the “Early Childhood Development” section of the website) and classes being mostly free. What I like about the program is the diversity of courses offered from “Baby Sing and Sensory Play” to “Music and Motion” to even a “Preschool Prep” class. With a newly revamped website, it’s effortless to navigate the options available, even for a busy dad like myself. I like the organized play date opportunities (“Let’s have a Playdate”) for Elle to make friends.

Welcome to the EPL in South Edmonton

I love books. Elle loves books too, so my next stop was to see if the Edmonton Public Library offers any free baby programs, which they do.

Was I oblivious to the Edmonton Public Library signs while driving? I was unaware that there are so many EPL locations around the city. Picking a couple of library locations near the apartment, gave so many options for baby programs available: “Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn” to “Daddy’s Baby Time” (Shout out to all the dads reading this post). Best of all, all these baby programs are free.

KARA and More Mom (and Dad) and Baby Classes in Edmonton

The next collective that offers free programs for babies is the KARA, Kids Are The Responsibility Of All. Just like Family Futures, KARA offers multiple workshops and baby programs. I just downloaded the monthly calendar PDF, which I can stick to the fridge, and at first glance, many of the class time slots are during the weekdays – which may be a little tight if, like me, you balance the weekdays between baby feed schedules and work.

Also, as Elle and I live in the southside, many of the KARA locations are northside, so we may drop in here and there.

I’ll continue to add to this post with more free baby programs in Edmonton, but for now, Family Futures, the Edmonton Public Library and KARA offer great choices and selections.

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