Spooky Shopping Haul: The Cutest Halloween Treats for Toddlers in 2020

Forget the day that Pumpkin Spice latté’s launch in your coffee shop of choice. Anyone who knows me, knows that Halloween is hands down, without a doubt, my favorite day within the year. Everything about October 31st is awesome: the costumes, the haunted houses, the movies, trick-or-treating with your friends, the decorations, pumpkin carving… literally everything! Even the date itself! The autumn festivities perfectly bridge the end of summer with the beginning of winter, in my opinion, and foster creativity, community and good old-fashioned fun!

Now that I have a daughter, I adore sharing my favorite should-be-a-stat holiday with her. Last year, she had a costume change mid-afternoon where she blossomed from a ladybug into the unicorn that she is; and loved it! This year, with all the not normal that currently exists in the world, I’m determined to make Halloween as normal as possible. That’s why, when my local Dollarama began merchandising their Halloween swag, I absolutely had to go on a Halloween shopping spree for small treats Elle is sure to love. Here are some of my favourite finds, all purchased for under $50:

Elle loves the nail art!

Halloween fashion accessories (nail art, finger lights and temporary tattoos): If you have nails, and your nails are painted, 10/10 times, Elle will comment on how much she loves your purple/pink/blue/green/black polish. Self-care is a topic my two-year-old is fond of, and I’m sure she will love having cute bats and spiders on her own fingers and toes, as well as floral skulls on the back of her hands. Once her nails are painted (and dry, of course!) she can leave the flashlight on the side for the day, and sport these finger lights instead.

Glow-in-the-dark magic gloves for kids:  I bought them all. I absolutely, without a doubt, had to! When I saw these kid-sized magic gloves featuring adorable Halloween characters on them, then learned that they were glow-in-the dark, I couldn’t help myself! Elle and her friends will all be receiving multiple pairs. From a little cat to the cutest Frankenstein ever, staying warm never looked spookier.

Some fun arts and slime projects

Stationary galore: I have a budding artist on my hands who loves to draw, color and paint every chance she gets. When she sees paper, she truly sees it as an open invitation to showcase her talents. Which it is. To help foster her creativity and give her limitless options, I bought Halloween notebooks with tonnes of pages for her to draw in, along with a variety of stickers for her to bring her narratives to life… or just share with people along her way.

Halloween-y crafts: From a beaded legged spider to personalized, glow-in-the-dark pink slime, Elle and I are going to have lots of fun crafting and creating for the next weeks leading up to Halloween. The slime kit contains glitter, sequins and beads which I will be removing before allowing Elle to play with it, as she is too young, but would definitely be fun for older kids!

As it starts to get cooler in Edmonton, your kids will love these neon gloves

Spooky/cute friends:  From an adorable jack-o-lantern disguised teddy bear to foam critters who are sure to become condo décor in no time, Elle will be having a make-believe Halloween party of her own! I wouldn’t be surprised if they hang around past October 31st.

Some fun wall and window decorations

We will not be going trick-or-treating this year, despite some articles indicating contactless trick-or-treating with masks on should be OK. Instead, I’ll be planning a day of not-so-scary crafts in our costumes, a Halloween movie before dinner, and a solid assortment of mini-chocolates (or just mini Kit-Kat bars) for her and I throughout the day.

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