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I hadn’t paid too much mind to the proper etiquette when it comes to praising a kid! But after our latest Book Club meeting, I may have to pay more attention!

I love praising Elle (within reason, of course!) I enjoy the excitement and fulfilment when she achieves. The other day, I was able to watch in real-time as Elle broke through a personal confidence barrier and went down a flight of stairs. Her go-to was going one knee at a time almost sideways. I watched, in real-time, as she progressed from the sideways-knee method to gripping the staircase railing while forward-facing making her decent. It was very praise-worthy!

My immediate reaction was, “Great job, Elle!” But after our Book Club meetup, I rephrased: “Elle, you took your time and went down the stairs!”

I kept it simple and described what I had witnessed. Elle beamed with delight as she, too, knew she overcame a personal obstacle.

Structuring well-received praise is essential because how you praise can have lasting effects on a child’s development. One aspect I appreciate about our Book Club meetup is how we give personal stories and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

While the lessons and stories are fantastic, we learn from each other. Because let’s face it, parenting is a lot of trial and error. But that’s what makes the journey fun (and frustrating!), but just knowing we are going through similar timelines provides a backbone of support.

During these times, our Book Club meets virtually, and we catch up, talk about parenting, discuss our current book, tell stories, and learn from each other.

Want to be part of the club? Just send an email to, and I’ll email you the details of our next book club hangout.

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