The Fun (and Ease) of Kids’ Subscription Boxes in Canada

These Local Edmonton Kids’ Arts and Craft Boxes are fun ideas during a Global Pandemic 

Elle and I have been avid fans of the kids’ subscription box services over the last couple of months.  

While we live in a digitalized world where we are constantly checking our phones, it is nice to receive something physical (and customized).  

Plus, I love watching Elle open a box to see what’s hidden inside.  

Is it all just Kids Arts and Crafts or DIY subscription boxes?

While a friend of mine introduced us to the subscription service she offers, in researching for this post, I did realize there’s no need to box your child’s learning as there are plenty of box activity options available.  

With that being said, the options can seem overwhelming:

  • There are fashion-specific boxes (such as nail art).
  • Science kit of the month clubs.
  • There are do-it-yourself subscription packages for your kids.
  • There are toys.
  • There are children book delivery subscription services.
  • Or even children magazine monthly subscription services.

But if you think about it, the options are necessary because a child’s attention span changes, and so does what she likes. So it’s nice to be able to switch up the box contents based on her (current) interests.  

Or, if you don’t know what your child does find interesting, having more options allows you to “guess and test” and see what holds your kid’s attention span for more than 5 minutes.  

Monthly subscription boxes for kids are perfect when you are spending more time indoors

In a time where we are all spending more time in our houses, and with fewer activity options available for kids – it’s nice to just get an all-inclusive box, which you can just open, and go through different types of stories and timelines, and create something tangible. 

I like monthly subscription plans ( not daily, not weekly….)

When I was a customer of the weekly food delivery boxes, it got overwhelming at times. I was constantly cooking! And admittingly, there were times when many of the meals never got prepared.  

I like monthly delivery for that reason: the anxiety of having to unpack (and clean) on a monthly schedule is easier to digest.

Especially since even now, a few months later, I’m still cleaning up fake snow that I find in the nooks of Elle’s dollhouse from the Christmas themed craft box.  

Creating a moment and a story

The extra point in this whole experience: many of the activities have interwoven storylines threaded between the crafts. You’re able to work through a story and build something at the same time. It just creates that extra learning factor and enjoyment factor from a kid’s perspective, and the storytelling heightens the enjoyment and experience.  

Of course, the supplies, and everything you need, including activity directions are all provided, and simple to follow. Going back to the food delivery service, I remember some of the food prep instructions being complicated. The instructions within a kids’ subscription boxes are much easier to follow (and probably more enjoyable, too). 

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