Why Preschool Curriculum Subscription Boxes are Awesome During COVID

With Elle getting closer to her first day of preschool, I was inspired by the previous post of kids’ subscription boxes, that I researched the preschool curriculum subscription boxes.  

What are Preschool Curriculum Subscription Boxes?

Similar to the kids’ subscription boxes, preschool curriculum subscription boxes are developed around the preschool education framework. I like the idea of these boxes because it would warm Elle to the classroom and structured learning experience.  

Children enjoy the hands-on experience of learning from the delivery box

Subscription services provide education by encouraging learning, reading and creativity through the week to week themes, activities, and games catered to the education system framework.  

Many preschool box services are hands-on and follow the curriculum offered by your provincial education program. Now, with that being said, while most of the activities that are offered are theme focused or stories focused, they do centralize around six or seven major topic areas, the foundations of the pre-education system, such as, letters and sounds, counting and numbers, shapes and colours, writing and creative expressions.

These days, education subscription services are gaining popularity particularly now, as parents are opting to homeschool their kids until COVID restrictions ease, or choose the hybrid learning experience between a split in-class and online education experience.  

What should my Child Learn in Preschool?   

Depending on where you live, preschool subscription boxes offer slight differences in the week to week education goals provided, and this is designed to coordinate with the school board curriculum. When I was researching the box delivery services, many of the service providers designed by teachers or learning professionals.

Since school board curriculum does differ from province to province, a good way to see which preschool box services fit best for your child is to run through the details of what’s offered in that subscription box and how this material resonates with the education framework offered in your city and province schooling system.

Are Supplies offered in Preschool at Home Subscription Boxes? 

Many of the subscription boxes offer all the home supplies that you need for the activities, which makes things much easier. But if you do opt for a subscription service box that doesn’t provide the supplies, you can typically find good supply options for crayons or construction paper at your neighbourhood dollar store. 

The Strong Shift Towards Learning Online for 3 to 5-Year-Olds

Nowadays, online learning will become further integrated with the education system. Especially with COVID already accelerating the stay-at-home/work-from-home/learn-from-home experience.  

The strong emergence for online learning will mean that preschool subscription boxes will integrate a hybrid learning experience: part hands-on activity based and part supplimental online learning experience.  

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