The 4-1-1 on THE BEST Spray Park in Edmonton: Rosenthal Spray Park

Summer of fun at Edmonton’s Spray and Splash Parks

Out of all the five elements in nature, Elle’s absolute favorite is water. Swimming lessons, long baths, water tables, watermelon; if it has water involved, Elle is pretty much guaranteed to love it. So, last summer, when one of my friends suggested that I take her to a spray park, and after I looked up what a spray park was, I knew with 100% certainty that It would be a hit.

A spray park is a kid’s play area where water is sprayed from upright structures or ground sprays. Wading pools can be involved, but usually the water drains before it can accumulate. Perfect for any duration of time on hot days, spray parks are great for a quick cool down or a full day of fun. A sweet bonus? There are no admission fees!

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Although this summer, Elle and I have not been able to enjoy the spray parks, I’ve been keeping an eye on their re-opening and cannot wait to get back out there.  I usually monitor this ultimate Edmonton spray park map but the one that was the biggest hit with us in the past is the Rosenthal Spray Park, located near 1070 Rosenthal Blvd.

The excitement of the Rosenthal Spray Park in Edmonton

Whimsical and dynamic, the spray towers are flower-shaped which simply delights Elle. There are also tonnes of multi-sensory toys, swings and slides so she never gets bored and each visit is dynamic and different.

The park itself is extremely spacious. This is great because although there is the social element of having other children around, my independent Elle is usually able to enjoy the toys she wants without too much waiting…. Patience might be a virtue but not when it comes to playtime!

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But don’t forget to visit the Callingwood Spray Park!

A close second, Callingwood Spray Park located at 7215-178 Street was our runner up fave. Designed with a river theme, the park is divided into three activity areas that separates the younger kids from the older kids.

Dad Tip: if you do decide to go to a spray park that has recently re-opened, don’t forget to bring drinking water, sunscreen, a hat, and of course…. lots of snacks!  (did someone say, “Kashi granola bar?”)

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